Week one: Blended Learning Essentials – embedding practice

I found that the student perspective was interesting, in light of our current situation. The quizes seem to be popular, and the ability to revisit material when they need to.

Being able to deliver the same course in a number of locations at the same standard seems of benefit. Using the technology to support students to identify the gaps in their knowledge also seemed very useful. The course shared their moodle site that gave some ideas on how to use blended learning.

This first week has talked a lot about analytics. Considering the data we can so easily collect we do need to be mindful of what it is we want to collect, what we want to find out and what we want to do with it. Some of the case studies they used to illustrate it demonstrated how very powerful those analytics can be. This was one of the useful articles, they also linked to a number of youtube videos like this, this and this.

I was struck by this quote in particular:

The Learning Designer resource seemed very useful!

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