Week Three: Blended Learning

This week is the last week, and talking about putting blended learning into our own context. I was struck by the ways in which we can gather data for Osted, since that is always an issue.

I like to hear student opinions, but I did notice that many of the students were technology, and young, whereas many of my classes are mixed. One student talked about fully virtual lessons, where he could return and revise, which is what I have been doing.

I really loved the QR codes in brickwork and I think we could transfer that to the practical aspects of nursing. I’ve already shared that idea with someone who does that course. I also like the badges, which showed the skills for the employer, such as teamworking. I’m curious if that would ever translate to nursing.

They suggest asking students to make a powerpoint show on what they liked or would like to see. I may do that but I’m mindful of the students’ workload right now.

Speaking of workload, this Course Resource Appraisal Modeller tool looks really useful. Maybe everyone else knows about these tools!

It does talk about the need for senior leadership to take a lead, since otherwise it is on the individuals to push the agenda, and that really does resonate! “I haven’t got time” or “I’d love to do it but…” are real things I hear. Knowing the pedagogy behind blended learning is, I think, key. Change management is vital too. Jisc resource on that.

I think this is something I’ll keep studying. But now, I better write more on the actual essay for my course!

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