One of the conversations that has been recurring for me is the “but why am I so tired” one. I’ve had it with students, and other staff, with family and with friends. The thing everyone forgets is that we’re six weeks into having a new job – we’ve had six weeks of doing everything differently. Of thinking which way to up an aisle when we shop, of being aware how far someone is from you and worrying about what you do if they come too close – do you tell them to back off or leap back like a startled rabbit yourself?

Of course we are tired. We are staring at screens, and not breaking that up by seeing faces in meetings, or walking to the printer, or taking coffee outside. I’ve found myself – the queen of “let’s have lunch together” eating my lunch at my desk at home.

I think the thing I keep saying is the thing we keep forgetting – we are doing our normal lives, with an overlay of frightening, difficult new ways of navitaging them. All that is familiar is strange once more. Cut yourself a break.

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