The relationships we forge

I have had some reasons to think about the impact I have on students recently. Or more accurately, two of my students have firmly and clearly told me that I had an impact. You hope, when you teach, that you do. There are times that you fear you do not.

Each time I talk to students, I am thinking about rolemodeling and compassion, and professionalism, and… all of the things we should be. But I also try to role model humanity, and vulnerbility. I talk openly about my troubles with mental health, and my use of mental health services and drugs.

This is a bit rambling, compared to my more fact full work posts so bear with me.

Twice I’ve been told that I had this impact – a positive one which is a relief. Both times I am awed and honoured, both at the student sharing that – they don’t have to tell you! – and that I got it right for that time. I’m touched that they told me – beyond what they could possibly imagine I think. I have it in the same place where I feel it when a patient tells me the same thing. It is a feeling I want to hug, and I tell my husband about at the end of the day, and I am so proud of it.

Equally, I look at them – these young women (for both are women) and feel so incredibly proud of them. They are professional and they went through a lot to get those pins, and I imagine they will go further. But one has a relationship with literature because I helped her, and one could keep going because I was with her. These incredible women are the future of our profession, and it is in safe hands.

We are made up of those from whom we learn.

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