Week two: Technologies

I’ve now completed week two – a little belatedly due to taking a week’s annual leave and spending much of that sewing and gardening.

I was particularly interested in the pedagogy underpinning the technologies. I am good with technology and pick it up swiftly but always wish for more underpinning literature and knowledge. I foundthat I do tend to move towards discussion style of teaching which would fit easily with constructivism and social constructivism, and not too far a stretch for problem based learning.

However, there were a few technologies that leapt to my attention. I really liked the idea of iObserve which is similar to one we use at work but seemed to have better flexibility and so I will explore that a little more. They are using Twitter, a tool which I am very used to!

I am curious about CMALT accreditation and it might be of use to me if the direction of my career does take the path it may currently do (mysterious comment is mysterious).

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