Week one: Transforming Digital Learning

So this is a course I found via a paper on “panic-gogy” – the rapid transformation of teaching to an online format. I love that term!

I was struck by the three Cs that the Deakin lecturer spoke about: curious, constructive and compassionate. Those are really things that spring to the front when we look at the recent situation. To learn about the technology and use it well, we have had to be curious and explore it, being willing to admit the things we don’t know. Being constructive when we are under pressure is harder than when things are easy. Personally, I find that I tend to start to get a little grouchy when put under pressure, especially if I have not had enough information to know what I am trying to achieve. That compassion needs to be extended not only to our students but also to ourselves.

The use of online teaching can be really disruptive and innovative. I’m really excited by those opportunities – even in nursing I think there is the chance for much greater strides on the use of technology.

Connectivism interests me – making meaning by talking with others really does resonate for me. I knew about a particular tool but until I shared it and explored it with a friend, I didn’t realise the power it had and how we could use it.

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