Next project! I plan to make a waistcoat for the husband. Now, he is a robust lad from Northern Ireland, so I had to seek some advice on adjusting. I’d got the hang of the full bust adjustment so now it is time for the full belly adjustment. Although I have plenty of fabric options… Read More Waistcoat


Week two: Technologies

I’ve now completed week two – a little belatedly due to taking a week’s annual leave and spending much of that sewing and gardening. I was particularly interested in the pedagogy underpinning the technologies. I am good with technology and pick it up swiftly but always wish for more underpinning literature and knowledge. I foundthat… Read More Week two: Technologies

Thinking and Ideas

Random Babble

I’ve started volunteering in my little area. Nothing exciting – some dog walking, shopping, stuff that just helps. Because I have a linear mind, I’ve made forms for people to register their needs, and a website for the information to go onto. Right now, we need most people to stay home. That doesn’t apply to… Read More Random Babble