Dress for the Daughter…

So, I think it might be easier to fit someone else rather than on me! So, this is a nice dress for my daughter, and in a pattern suitable for someone who teaches primary school children.

Obviously, because it is a pattern, it isn’t in her size (because that would be too easy). So resizing it using a different style to see if that works better for me.

It is a good opportunity to see if the body form we made for her is a good match too – according to that, I have these measurements pretty right, and the adjustments for the shape of her body too – in fact, on measuring, these seem to match nicely which I am pleased about.

One thing I hadn’t considered until it came to putting pattern to fabric is the fact this fabric has little pandas all over it. So I need to think about how to match the shoulders and the sleeves…Quick, to the internet where there are useful tips for that. But I had an idea while in town and I have bought this fabric, which matches the little pandas colour nicely. So that will be the panel across the abdomen, and also two stripes down the sides (because the fabric is not wide enough to lengthen this enough).

I did discover that the panels down the sides look lovely but because they aren’t balanced there was one problem…

So we fixed that by making a small patch of wrinkled material to match.

Time to start putting it together… I thought the shoulders would be tricky but they were actually really easy!

One thing she (and I) specifically want in our clothes is pockets! So I’m going to add some pockets in here using techniques from this site.

Adding the interfacing made the inside too scratchy for her to wear, and so this whole thing got more complex than my skill level! But I found a nice lining for it, which matches part of the triangle.

After some rather tricky sewing, I think I’ve not done badly when you consider I altered the dress to have a lining and pockets, and fitted it to a person.

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