So this is a pattern from ChrisWDesigns called Coco – it was free when I signed up to their page. I really liked it but had to adapt it a little to my tastes. I tend to prefer a longer strap instead of a short one, and I learnt a lot about interfacing in this one!

It is made from a skirt my sister was giving away, one that she liked but could no longer wear, so this is her birthday present. I chose red contrasting material and back lining to go with the bird material.

I’m really quite happy with it. A few things I would do differently now I understand things, and I had some trouble getting the bits for it – partially because I don’t understand some of the terms entirely and partially because the place he linked to had gone out of business. The short straps, in particular, gave me trouble – the tubing wasn’t right, and I *cough* forgot the interfacing was double-sided and forgot to take the paper off so it rustled and I didn’t, obviously, like that.

So I removed the inners of those and put them inside for “optional”, making a longer shoulder strap that hooked to the corners of the bag to replace them.

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