Next project! I plan to make a waistcoat for the husband. Now, he is a robust lad from Northern Ireland, so I had to seek some advice on adjusting. I’d got the hang of the full bust adjustment so now it is time for the full belly adjustment. Although I have plenty of fabric options in the stash for this (“Jin, why are you making me five waistcoats…?”), we’re going with his favourite ones.

But I think I’ll exercise an unusual level of caution, and just make it from rough calico first to adust to his fit since I don’t want to waste that fabric. I also need to order a few bits and pieces, like buttons, and so on. I found that, on the pattern, they call those notions which I love.

Day 2 of making this:

As ever, there is the stage of cutting out a slightly larger pattern for the boy. All cut out but I paused to make NHS headbands and uniform bags.

I think this was the most difficult one I have made so far.

I made a few errors, mostly because I somehow lost part 7 of the pattern, which made doing the pockets much harder. But I’m pleased with the outcome.

I did have to fix the buttons. I forgot that my machine has a buttonhole foot…
Himself wearing it, with … well, that expression.

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