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It seems someone else does look at this blog, so… hi, whoever you are. I feel less like I am speaking into the silent void.  Although it is equally likely you are a bot that wants me to look at the website… 

I know this was originally a way to keep track of my sewing, I’m going to ramble more about real life as well.

Anyway, our isolation is not terribly isolationist. Before dear single reader, you jump at me – my daughter works in a supermarket and so is exposed. So we have taken on the shopping for eight households. Yesterday was delivery day, and since most people don’t know what we are doing, god knows that they think of us running around the place with a car full of food!

I’m doing my work online and missing the people I spend time with at work. Last night we had a digital cocktail which was nice. Work is hard, with all of the fears that come with the profession, and with the anxieties from the people.

I’m trying to do my coursework right now, which is why I am typing this instead of course. It is hard to focus.

I do have mental illness, as do two of the three other people in the house so we are balancing Doing Things with Resting and Relaxing.

So far, we have baked (I made a sourdough starter!), done our nails, cleaned, studied, and walked the dog (yes, that is local to me!).  We’re also lucky in that we still have incomes, that our country has the NHS and so on.  

I’m mindful of the chronically sick people who always have to live in isolation – one person I respect who I no longer speak with (I do wish we did) lived like that and I know what a struggle it can be.  To find the world suddenly finding it is able to do the things you asked of it, that were too hard when you needed it, that must be maddening. 

I don’t have spare brain for roleplay – I wish I did, I need the escapism but I just can’t find my character or energy. I’m going to bed exhausted every night. I’m perpetually learning new things since the technology we’re using at work is new to us all.

I better get back to this essay, it isn’t going to write itself…

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