Load Balancing

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So I have bipolar II which is the lower mood one of the bipolar disorder family. Overextending myself over Christmas really meant a crash recently. Rebalancing the load means, now I have some energy back, I must not rush to do all of the things… however tempting. So today, I will be pottering around on my game and doing a few sewing things.

This is all about the spoon theory – I bet you know of it and if not, do google it. Or mana, if you are a geek. I have so much I can spend. I can spend it all at once or spread it out. Overdraft means I stall entirely (see days after in-laws left). That can be physical or emotional, or intellectual energy since they come from different pools.

So today, I can be found on our game or the discord there… while I unpick a seam and resew it.

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