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I’ve started volunteering in my little area. Nothing exciting – some dog walking, shopping, stuff that just helps. Because I have a linear mind, I’ve made forms for people to register their needs, and a website for the information to go onto.

Right now, we need most people to stay home. That doesn’t apply to my daughter, who is working in a supermarket. I am super proud of her because they gave her the choice to not work and be paid, and she is in there anyway. I feel guilty that a combo of unuseful clinical skills and asthma make me unuseful for front line work but found a project I can do to support my colleagues.

I’m going to make drawstring bags for them to put uniforms into for the wash.

For people with mental health problems, this period is difficult but I was talking to my therapist who pointed out that if you are not stressed and frightened right now, then it is you who is having the abnormal response. This is a scary situation – I remain unconvinced that everyone knows how scary yet.

The essay continues. Not, you know, as fast as it could.

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