Week five: Blended Learning –

This is a little more of a practical week, and starting off with the digital skills students need. I have been more than a little surprised at the lack of these skills in some of my students, I admit.

The document above is quite a handy one – it provides a structure to the digital skills needed by people in the workplace now. The course asked us to brainstorm ways to help with this education, using a tool called Tricider. I found this tool entirely unintuiative and difficult to use, and am not sure I haven’t deleted someone else’s answer…

I agree that personal situations really do impact on the student’s ability to achieve. The course talked about giving that flexible approach, and I am curious about using that blended learning in nursing education. Although there are more requirements that bind us, it might be possible to adapt, to overcome barriers for students who may not otherwise be able to train. It has, during this crisis, provided the ability for people to pick up their classes when children are quiet, or when they have an off duty day. We found that, by giving them a week to complete work, they did so. We recorded “attendance” or engagement on the same day we relased the next week’s work. This Jisc site gives a list of useful tools for assistive and accessible tech.

I think I will upgrade that course to get a certificate. It may be useful in my career!

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