Week two: Blended Learning Essentials: embedding practice.

Useful resources from this week:

Good things foundation – this does seem to have a lot to it but I am doubtful that it is useful to me at this point.

CILIP – library and information association – again, not directly useful at this point!

Education and training foundation – this does have some really relevant courses for us on the trainee nursing associate team and I’ll be sharing that with my colleagues. I do need to be mindful of my time, and my “do all the things” habit, and so I’ll carefully place this on the “to do in the future” pile, by adding a new tag of FutureMeJob.

Explain everything app – I think this is brilliant and fun but I’m really mindful of the amount of overload people are experiencing right now with new technologies, and I might play with this as a future toy.

The real message of the week in that course is the collaborative nature of some of the IT examples. The ability to create with students and colleagues rather than alone is something that does attract me.

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